Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch should you buy or not

If you want to buy a Fire Boltt Almighty smartwatch, then you must read this review before buying, After reading this review, it will be easier for you to buy this smartwatch.

All the reviews I have given about this smartwatch have been given honestly, I have not lied anything.

Because your money is my money, that’s why I have spoken about this smartwatch with all my heart and soul.

Fire Boltt Almighty smartwatch Was Release On 27 December 2021 so you may find some problem with this smartwatch.

After taking this smartwatch, you will have a little patience, as the updates come, all its shortcomings will be fixed.

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Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch Review Under 5000 In India

UNIQUE Features
If you are an Android phone user then Google, or if you are an iPhone user then Siri, both of these Voice Assistance you get to see in this smartwatch.
And also in this smartwatch, you also get to see the features of Always On Display.
And one last feature, if you are a girl/woman then the facility of the female menstrual cycle has also been given in this smartwatch.
Fire-Boltt Almighty Smartwatch


Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch
Sport ModeYes (11)
Amoled DisplayYes
Always-on DisplayYes
Custom Watch FacesYes
Notification AlertYes
Notification ReplayNo
Voice AssistantYes
Call FunctionYes
Call NotificationYes
(DND) Do Not DisturbYes
Sedentary ReminderYes
Find PhoneYes
Gesture ControlYes
Alarm ClockYes
Date & Time DisplayYes
Backlight DisplayNo
Scratch ResistantNo
Camera ControlYes
Music ControlYes
Removable Watch StrapYes

Sport Mode

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch
Sport Name
Free Training

Notification Alert

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

In this smartwatch, you get to see the features of Smart Notifications, In this smartwatch, you will be able to see the full message of what the other person has sent to you.

But I found it useless in this smartwatch that You cannot replay the message.

This smartwatch vibrates when you receive a message or call

This smartwatch does not support Hindi Fonts and Emojis.

This means if someone sends you a message in Hindi, then you will not see that message in this smartwatch, instead of that message, you will see something like this (####) And the same condition will remain for the one who sent you the emoji.

Custom Watch Faces

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

In this smartwatch, you get to see Inbuild 50 watch faces, and apart from this you also get to see the features of custom watch faces in this smartwatch.

if I tell you in a line, you can put your favorite photo on the screen of this smartwatch

Note If you do not see the option of Custom Watch Faces in the App, then you should update your App once.

Voice Assistant

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

Through the features of the Voice Assistant given in this smartwatch, you can ask whatever you want from this smartwatch.

Let me clear your doubt, this smartwatch does not have any inbuilt voice assistant

When you click on the Voice Assistant option given in the smartwatch, your Smartphone Voice Assistant opens and your watch only works as a Mic

If your phone is off or locked then in this situation Your smartwatch Voice Assistant won’t work

Call Function

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

In this smartwatch, you get to see the option of a phonebook, call history, as well as the option of call dial.

  • Phonebook:- You can save your favorite contacts in Phonebook, but you will not be able to save more than 20 Contact
  • Call History:- For your information, let me tell you that you can only see the last 6 call history in this smartwatch.
  • Call Dail:- You can dial whatever number you want and call

Speaker And Mic

Talking about the speaker of this smartwatch, it is not very loud.

Talking about the mic, if you talk to someone on a call from a smartwatch, then it will not feel that you are talking to a smartwatch.

Find Phone

If your watch is on your wrist, and your phone is connected to your watch, then with the help of the feature of Find My Phone.

You can easily find your phone After clicking on the option of Find My Phone, your phone will start ringing wherever it is.

Gesture Control

You do not get much Gesture Control in this smartwatch, you only get to see Wrist Wake Function in this smartwatch.

Fitness And Health Mode

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch
Fitness TrackerYes
Health MonitoringYes
Sleep MonitoringYes
Heart Rate MonitoringYes
Steps CountYes
Calorie CountYes
Stress MonitoringYes
Blood pressure monitoringYes

All Health Tracking System

If we talk about the Function of the Health Mode given in the smartwatch, then it is beyond expectation. Some health modes work well, and some don’t work at all.


Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

If we talk about SPO2, even if you are not wearing the watch on your wrist, there is SPO2 calculated in the smartwatch

Sleep Monitoring

The condition of Sleep Monitoring is also similar, it does not tell much.

Steps Count

If we talk about Steps Count, then if you are sitting somewhere and moving your hand here and there still its Steps Count keeps on counting without you moving.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Counting of Heart Rate Monitoring is fine to an extent, if you are not wearing a smartwatch on your wrist, then Heart Rate Monitoring is not done.

Stress Monitoring

Can’t say anything about Stress Monitoring, so far I haven’t seen any problem with it.

Blood pressure monitoring

don’t trust the blood pressure monitoring of this smartwatch it is Good For You, Blood pressure monitoring of this smartwatch is very bad

Technical Details

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch
Bluetooth Version  V 5.0
Bluetooth Range10
ColorBlack Brown, Matte Black, Orange
Battery Average LifeNormal usage scenario: Up to 10 days
Heavy usage scenario: Up to 7 days
Battery BackupNot Say
Charging TimeAround 2 Hour
Charging TypeMagnetic Charger
Battery Cell CompositionLithium-Ion
MaterialZinc Alloy
DisplayAmoled (Always-on Display)
Display size‎1.4
Water Resistance Depth 10 Meters


Due to the use of Zinc Alloy material In the smartwatch becomes a bit heavy on your wrist.


Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

Along with Amoled Display, you get to see the function of Always-on Display in this smartwatch.

One bad thing about the Always-on Display is that there is no option to change the Watch Face of the Always-on Display.

This means that the company has given you the watch face of Always-on Display, you will have to be satisfied with it.


Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch

If we talk about waterproof of smartwatch, then in this smartwatch you get to see the water-resistant rating of IP67, which is bad from my point of view.

Because after taking 5000, at least an IP68 rating was to be given.

Other Details

Fire Boltt Almighty Smartwatch
MusicListen to Songs on your Watch
Strap MaterialLeather
Dial MaterialAluminum Alloy
Notification TypeVibration
Third-Party App SupportLimited Support
Number of Buttons2

Fire Boltt Almighty User Review

I have given a review about this smartwatch above, now let’s see the Review of the people about this smartwatch.

Whatever review I have written in this article, all the reviews have been taken from the E-Commerce website, I have not written anything from my mind.

User 1

If you are an iPhone user and you want to get this smartwatch for your iPhone then you must read this review

I cannot call with my watch but I have connected it to Bluetooth but there is no option coming about Bluetooth 3.0 in iPhone

User 2

Pros – Display best in class, the design looks so classy and premium, battery backup is good, too smooth no lag, 95-98% accurate. Calling feature is best in class, Best in 5k
Cons – battery % didn’t show while charging, the watch is a little heavy.

User 3

I am facing a battery issue. After 2 Or even 1 day of use watch battery dried out even without notification it went off

User 4

UI needs improvement… Battery optimization and features like drink reminder, clear all notifications option should be there which are present in other watches of fire boltt..

User 5

Using it for 2 days and giving my initial impression.


  • Design & build quality is excellent.
  • The leather belt looks elegant and suits to your style.
  • Amoled display is a plus point which is very much impressive at this point range.
  • Brightness is good and also visible in direct sunlight.
  • Touch is 99% responsive.
  • The user interface is also good but could have been better.


  • Watch Weight is a little high. But if you use it for 3-4 days then you will use it.
  • I will check music and voice quality on the watch, battery life with and without Bluetooth calling, and heath tracking accuracy in the next 10 days and will update the review again

User 6

I am a smartwatch user since 2017. Amaze fit bip was my first watch and later I upgraded to Amaze fit GTS but frankly speaking I am a fan of this brand now.

Maybe it’s due to the competition in the market or any other reason this watch is good at this price range.

The only issue is my heart rate monitor is continuously ON even if I switched it OFF in the app else everything is good

User 7


  • Amazing Display
  • Stylish Look
  • Heart Rate and SPO2 almost similar to Oxymeter
  • Bluetooth calling works perfectly for me. Those who are facing disconnection can permit all permissions in the app so that the app never closes in the background.
  • Haven’t tested the workout mode. Will update after testing.


  • Not sure if it is app-related, but if I switch off heart monitoring in the app, the watch still tracks the heart beat. Also, there is no search option for selecting app for push notification in the app. You have to literally scroll all the way down to search for any app.
  • Battery percentage would have been a good addition.
  • Can’t really rely on BP reading
  • Feature like drinking water reminder would have been great.

User 8

The company should not include a feature in watches that do not work properly just to market the watch and fool the customers.

The Blood pressure monitor feature gives reading even on the surface and that too it always shows normal pressure. Heart rate as per watch is much different than the one shown by medical devices.

The step counter is giving steps data even when you are seating for long. Just hands movement has given 270 steps for a person who is sedentary for 30 min.

Smartwatches are used for fitness tracking purposes and if that purpose is not fulfilled the whole watch is just a scrap. Dissatisfied with accuracy level.

User 9

Bluetooth connectivity is a very third class, I m facing a continued issue of Bluetooth disconnected, Bluetooth connectivity stops after 15 seconds automatically and does not show a message and call alert.

Especially I buy this watch for blood Pressure Monitoring but Blood Pressure Monitoring is showing wrong.

User 10

The user should control wireless headphones from the watch. But is Missing in this watch. Can’t access wireless headphones while calling from this watch, Otherwise as per the price watch is decent.

User 11

Within six hours of using the watch, its display went off.


How is the accuracy of steps and heart rate monitoring?

Heart rate is good but the steps are not correct

Can it be used for navigation in the google maps app?


Does the Spo2 sensor work 24×7?


Does this watch connect with tws?


Does it have Blood pressure monitoring?


Can I watch videos and photos on this smartwatch?


Does it have a GPS tracking system for daily traveling?


We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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