Amazfit GTS 2 SmartWatch should you buy or not

If you want to read Amazfit GTS 2 review, want to know everything about Amazfit GTS 2, then I will not let you down. After reading this article, you will never need to read Amazfit GTS 2 review again.

In this article, I will tell you the truth and truth about everything Amazfit GTS 2 I will not lie anything because the company has not given me any money to brag about this product.

If you are looking for a cheaper smartwatch than Amazfit GTS 2, then you must read my old articles once, one of which is Smartwatch Under 5000 and Smartwatch Under 3000, in both these articles I have told the best smartwatch.

Amazfit GTS 2 Information

UNIQUE Features
Transfer your favorite songs to the watch through your mobile phone with a massive 3GB of local music storage, And Now Alexa in your wrist, ask whatever you want when you want
Amazfit GTS 2 Review


Sport ModeYes (90+)
Amoled DisplayYes
Always-on DisplayNo
Custom Watch FacesYes
Notification AlertYes
Voice AssistantYes
Call FunctionYes
Call NotificationYes
Find PhoneYes
Gesture ControlNo
Alarm ClockYes
Date & Time DisplayYes
Backlight DisplayYes
Scratch ResistantYes
Camera ControlNo
Music ControlYes
Removable Watch StrapYes
Amazfit GTS 2 Review

Bluetooth Call Function

In this smartwatch you will only be able to receive calls, talk and reject calls, if you want to call any other person from this smartwatch then you will not be able to

Custom Watch Faces

In this smartwatch, you get to see 40 to 50 Watch Faces inbuilt, apart from 40 to 50 you will be able to download more Watch Faces with the help of their application.

If you want to put your own photo on the screen in this smartwatch, then you will be able to put it because you will get this feature on this smartwatch

Voice Assistant

You can also check the weather and set alarms with the help of this smartwatch. All you have to do is, lift your wrist and ask your queries to this smartwatch as it supports voice assistance (Alexa).

Even if you don’t have an active internet connection, you can use the offline voice control feature and carry out voice operations in English.

GPS + GLONASS dual-satellite

Positioning chip for increased speed and accuracy. Supported Devices: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above


Wifi is only to transfer music to the watch. When you transfer music through the Zepp app, it will create wifi and the watch will be connected to that wifi network. Afterward, music transfer will occur.

Camera Controll

If you are very fond of taking photos, and you are thinking that I will get a remote control camera in this smartwatch, then for your information let me tell you that in this smartwatch you do not get to see the features of remote control camera.

Find Phone

If your watch is on your wrist, and your phone is connected to your watch, then with the help of the feature of Find My Phone.

You can easily find your phone After clicking on the option of Find My Phone, your phone will start ringing wherever it is.

Notification Message Replay

The features of Smart Notification are seen in this watch, with the help of which you can easily see from which application you have received the message In this watch.

If you want to replay that notification on your smartwatch, then you will not be able to do this. Because you do not get the feature of message replay in this smartwatch.

Fitness And Health Mode

Amazfit GTS 2 Review
Fitness TrackerYes
HRV (Heart Rate Variabilities)Yes
Health MonitoringYes
Sleep MonitoringYes
Heart Rate MonitoringYes
Steps CountYes
Calorie CountYes
Stress MonitoringYes
Blood pressure monitoringNo
Amazfit GTS 2 Review

All Health Tracking System

Equipped with the Huami-developed BioTracker 2, the second-generation PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, the Amazfit GTS 2 can provide 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood-oxygen saturation measurement, sleep quality monitoring, and stress level monitoring.

Also included is the PAI ( Personal Activity Intelligence ) health assessment system, which uses algorithms to convert all of your complex health and activity data into one single score, helping you understand your physical state at a glance

Sleep Monitoring

You can efficiently monitor your sleeping patterns with this smartwatch. It has an in-depth sleep monitoring system that can help you understand if your sleep is light or deep.

It can also give you a proper assessment of the rapid eye movement or REM sleep stages and observe your breathing condition during your sleep.

This smartwatch analyses your sleep patterns and comes up with useful suggestions which you can implement in your routine to get restful sleep.

You can also monitor naps that cover more than 20 minutes between 11 am to 6 pm with this smartwatch.

Blood Oxygen Level (spo2)

With this smartwatch, you can test your SpO2 level whenever you feel under the weather. If you are engaged in strenuous mental activities or even a session of rigorous physical exercise, you can use this smartwatch to measure your blood oxygen level and gain an in-depth understanding of your health.

Stress Monetring

You can use this smartwatch to track your body’s stress levels throughout the day. This smartwatch categorizes your stress levels as normal, medium, relaxed, or high.

Based on this smartwatch’s findings, you can suitably relax your body and mind, thereby lowering your stress levels.

Technical Details

Amazfit GTS 2 Review
Bluetooth Version  V 5.0
Bluetooth Range10
ColorBlack, Gold, And Grey
Battery Average LifeTypical usage scenario: Up to 7 days
Heavy usage scenario: Up to 4 days
Battery Backup246 MAH
Charging TimeAround 1 Hour
Charging TypeMagnetic Charger
Battery Cell CompositionLithium-Ion
Display size‎1.65
Waterproof5 ATM
Water Resistance Depth 50 Meters

Amoled Display

The 4.19 cm (1.65) AMOLED screen of this smartwatch offers you up to 341 PPI for a clear and exquisite display. There are many watch face themes that you can choose from to keep things interesting.

Always-on Display

The custom always-on display enables you to view the smartwatch’s interface whenever you want.

Battery Life

On a single full charge, you can use this smartwatch for up to 7 days to check the time and use some of its features as per the requirements of a typical day.

In scenarios when you heavily utilize all its features round the clock, its battery can sustain up to 4 days of use.

Other Details

Amazfit GTS 2 Review
Music Storage3GB Music Storage
Curved 3D Curved Bezel-less Design
Strap MaterialSilicone
Dial MaterialAluminum Alloy
Notification TypeVibration
Third-Party App SupportZepp App
Number of Buttons1


Air Pressure Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, BioTracker 2 PPG (Support Blood Oxygen) Biological Data Sensor

Music Storage

You can play songs through your smartwatch and control music playback via this smartwatch’s Bluetooth connectivity.

You can effortlessly transfer about 300 to 600 of your favorite music tracks from your smartphone to the smartwatch as it is equipped with a massive music storage capacity of up to 3 GB.

This way, you can listen to selected tracks as you work out or go for a run without having to carry your smartphone

3D Curved Bezel-less Design

The Huami Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch has an integrated bezel-less design that catches your eye. The large 4.19 cm (1.65) high-definition AMOLED screen is covered in 3D glass.

This large screen offers you good visibility so that you can easily read and interpret the health and fitness metrics that are measured by the smartwatch.

The 3D glass fluidly merges into a stainless steel watch body for a stunning visual appeal.

Amazfit Gts 2 Review

Let me tell you clearly that, I have not written the review of this Smartwatch myself, I have taken all these reviews from the website of E-Commerce.

Because those who have bought this smartwatch will be able to tell well whether the features mentioned in the smartwatch are like or different from it.

So let’s see what people have to say About this smartwatch.

User Review About Features

I have not taken positive reviews in this list I have taken only negative reviews because of the positive review I have already told you, because the positive review is the features of this smartwatch, and a negative review is the drawback of that features.

Things to know before you buy this

1. GPS: it is given but of no use. You can not use it for navigation. Not worth.
2. Wifi: not available transfer speed is worst.
3. Skins: display skins only 98 since I brought. No new skin and not very attractive. And the available skins only have visuals, not including any sensor data on skin worthless.
4. 3 GB storage: no use
5. Always-on mode barely keeps battery half day
6. Notification on screen: you can only see the notification no reply
Option available
7. No application like navigation, task manager
8. Music: the speaker is good but when you connect to a Bluetooth headset it doesn’t work

Music Connectivity

Music controls keep shifting to watch even after switching to control music on phone.
As the watch do not stay connected to the phone (Bluetooth) controlling the music on phone via watch is also not smooth and choppy

Worst Battery

The people who have bought this smartwatch have to say about its battery life that after a full charge of this smartwatch and heavy usage it gets exhausted only after 36 To 48 hours.

Health Mode

The step counter is very inaccurate, shows 40% of the actual total steps, The time lag to start the screen upon turning the wrist is very very slow. Many times I have pressed the side button to start the screen, O2 readings are fairly correct.

SPO2 – always measure lower than pharmacy brought SPO2 measuring device, Distance – not accurate – I checked with other reliable devices – shows 500 Mtr to 750 Mtr more, Heart rate – somewhat accurate, Calories – shows higher than actual calories burnt, Step count – Also not accurate – shows higher number around – 100Kcal+

Bluetooth Connectivity

The phone gets disconnected from the phone (Bluetooth) every 5 min – the Bluetooth range is very bad. And You Can’t have multiple Bluetooth devices connected the watch gets disconnected as soon as you connect another device.

My Opinion

The features that have been given in this smartwatch are easily seen in a 5000 to 6000 smartwatch, so you must be wondering why this smartwatch is so expensive,

Due to the design and build quality, this smartwatch is so expensive, I did not get to see some special features in this watch, which I can tell you.

There is 1 special feature that I did not see in other smartwatches, 3 GB Music Storage and nothing else.

I don’t think this smartwatch needs more reviews than the rest you are smart

Similar smartwatch From Amazfit

Features GTS 2 GTR 2 GTS 3 GTR 3 pro GTS 2e GTR 2e
Screen Size (inch)1.651.391.751.451.651.39
Screen Resolution348*442454*454390*450480*480348*442454*454
Battery Life10 Days14 Days12 Days12 Days14 Days24 Days
Sports Mode9090150+150+90+90+


Can we connect to Earphones and listen to offline songs without the mobile?


Can we connect the phone and earphones at the same time?


Does the Spo2 sensor work 24×7?


Does it show body temperature?

No, only Shown weather temperature

Does it have Blood pressure monitoring?


Can Google map navigation see the watch when mobile connects with Bluetooth and also navigation on?


How to store songs from my phone to the GTS 2 device?

Using the Zepp application You can connect your phone with GTS2 Keep the phone’s wifi, Bluetooth and location open while transferring songs

Can I watch videos and photos on this smartwatch?


Does it have a GPS tracking system for daily traveling?


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